How to reach lohajung from delhi. Is there any bus to lohajung from delhi

QuestionsHow to reach lohajung from delhi. Is there any bus to lohajung from delhi
santosh Staff asked 3 years ago

How to reach Lohajung from Delhi. Is there any direct bus to lohajung from delhi ?

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Niket G answered 2 years ago
There are two ways from Delhi, one is via Rishikesh and the other is via Kathgodam. For each of the places the buses are available primarily in the night and early morning or there is an option to take a train to Kathgodam. Distance for each place is ~250kms from Delhi and take around 6-8hrs to reach. Once at Rishikesh there is a daily bus which travels to Lohajung leaving at 5-5:30am and share cabs which leave at 6am but you need to book a seat in advance or book entire vehicle. It’s a 8-10hrs journey and again ~250kms From Kathgodam there is no bus but there are share cabs to Dewal (25kms before) Gwaldham (50kms before) from which you need to change vehicles to Lohajung, booking a cab from Kathgodam is also an option. Again ~250kms, 8-10hr journey. Choose either or contact us on +919833108544 for better guidance
Santosh answered 2 years ago
There is a direct bus from Delhi ( Anand Vihar ISBT)  to Deval which leaves at night around 8.30 pm It follows below route Delhi-Haldwani-Deval-Lohajang. It stops for sometime in Haldwani (in morning) and then leaves for Deval.
Naresh bisht answered 2 years ago
There is a Directly Bus from Delhi (Anand Vihar)  To dewal, just at 8 o’clock in the night. This is the only bus that runs from Delhi to dewal. Sometimes it just goes to Lohajang, Lohajung is 25 km away from dewal, and you can easily shared a taxi from dewal,  For more information :- Raju Shah (8979321600) is only one transporter, who arrange transport  from haldwani to lohajung and back, you can call him,